Glenwood Claims Status Follow Up

Announcing a Time-Saving Service to Improve Your Medical Claim Collections!

Tens of thousands medical claims go unpaid annually because billers don’t have the time to follow up on the status of the claims submitted. The result is a smaller collection rate and lower income for the physician.

Claim status follow up is sheer drudgery, often requiring hours of waiting on hold and visiting insurance carrier websites. When you do get a representative - they don’t always have an answer, so try again. It seems like an endless pattern of contact and hold, contact and hold. This process makes medical claim follow up is one of the medical biller’s most avoided tasks.

Glenwood Systems has a solution!

Introducing Glenwood Claim Status Follow-up, a service designed to free your biller’s time to focus on other revenue generating billing activities. Glenwood has been following up on claims for our hundreds of clients since 1998. Our practice, experience and vast resources allow us to get the claim status quickly and efficiently.

Glenwood will now economically follow up on your claims and efficiently provide you claim status information your biller can make actionable.

The process is easy! Join Glenwood’s follow up program, provide us a spreadsheet of the claims that need attention and our team will contact the insurance carrier to determine the status of a claim. We will provide you status information including denial reason to your medical biller in an easy to read format which will allow your biller to take the action to be paid. If the claim has been paid we’ll provide you with the date, amount and check #.

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