Customer Testimonials

  • “Using GlaceComplete we have greater focus on the billing process. Glenwood’s product has reduced the number of billing input errors, missed bills and helped us improve our front desk collections. Because we’ve been able to standardize the best practice patient encounter, the software double checks to ensure all tasks are covered helping to eliminate missed charges,” said Dr. Shah. “GlaceComplete is an excellent product for a practice that is organized and dedicated to billing efficiencies.”

    Paul Shah, M.D. - Pediatrics
  • “As a solo private practitioner just starting an EMR, I could not have asked for a more comprehensive, supportive team to ease the transition from 30 years of paper charts to a customized computer system. My staff and I were at full working speed within a 2 week timeframe and are working seamlessly now! Thank you.”

    Laurie Montague, M.D. – Family Practice
  • “I am very happy that I moved my Pain Management Practice to Glenwood’s billing service and EMR. The technical support has been fabulous; calls answered promptly at the help desk and the availability of a software engineer when needed. I was pleasantly surprised how comprehensive the billing reports are, much more than I had been used too. I also appreciate that the EMR is included free and fully integrated with the billing service.”

    Vikram B. Patel, M.D., FIPP – Pain Management
  • “My Neurology practice has used Glenwood Systems for billing and EMR for the past 10 years and I couldn’t be happier.  To make things even better, all of the physicians in the practice earned our Transparency Disclosure bonus this spring.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was to document the data requirements and to attest for Transparency Disclosure using the Glenwood system. I strongly recommend Glenwood Systems to all my colleagues looking for an easy to use, high performing EMR and Billing Service.”

    Alan Jacobs, M.D. – Neurology
  • “In September of 2011 I decided to move to EMR, knowing it would be hard work. I am happy I selected GlaceEMR; the software is very user friendly and the Technical Support is exceptionally good. I am amazed that I have been able to complete Transparency Disclosure requirements in such a short time. I would not hesitate to recommend Glace software and billing to other physicians.”

    Murlidhar R. Deshmukh, M.D. – Internal Medicine
  • “A company can be judged by their service and support. Glenwood goes to the top. I was surprised how easy it was to learn and use GlaceEMR and I am very happy with the billing service collections.”

    Savinder Julka, M.D. – Internal Medicine
  • “I selected Glenwood to bill for my very busy multi-location medical practice. When we made the decision to implement EMR we selected the GlaceEMR. The user friendly integrated system allowed us to use the entire software suite in no time. This EMR and billing system provides everything a Physician needs to run a busy practice and the service is great!”

    Steven F. Hall, M.D. – Family Practice
  • “I can’t express how happy I am with Glenwood Systems. The GlaceEMR is very user friendly and the performance of their Billing Service is great! I’m especially pleased with their collection rate.”

    Neelakanth R. Harapanahalli, M.D. – Family Practice
  • “Glenwood Systems should be proud of their employees. The team delivers a high level of knowledge and service. Their patience and listening skills helped us through a tough EMR implementation and MU Attestation. We appreciate all of you dearly.”

    Mrs. Bridget Ravindra, Practice Manager – Internal Medicine
  • “I have compared many EMRs and GlaceEMR is the best. GlaceEMR is friendly and productive. I have been using the product for more than a year and my office staff and I are very happy. Glenwood is always there and we appreciate it.”

    Prakash N. Shah, M.D. – Internal Medicine
  • “I use Glenwood’s Full Billing Service and GlaceEMR and I am very happy with the results. The best part of Glenwood is the service; the team is very knowledgeable and responsive.”

    Purnima S. Adlakha, M.D. – Internal Medicine
  • “Glenwood offers great software and even better service! I have an extremely busy practice and the GlaceEMR and Premium Billing Service help me efficiently capture my encounter data and maximize my practice revenue.”

    Ghayth Hammad, M.D. – Internal Medicine
  • “I was recently forced to consult for medical billing because my in-house biller quit.  In addition, I also had the need for Electronic Medical Records.  My results with Glenwood Systems have been excellent.”

    Deon D. Middlebrook, M.D. – Nephrology
  • “I moved my practice from Misys to Glenwood a year ago. I have seen great improvement in revenue generation and collections. This is the best practice software solution out there.”

    Kamal P. Singh, M.D. – Internal Medicine
  • “I really like the GlaceEMR; it is easy to use and integrates with my Glenwood billing service. The support that Glenwood provides is great!”

    Ramkumar Sankaran, M.D. – Nephrology
  • “The Glenwood Team really knows what they are doing! We now use the GlaceEMR and their Billing Service results are great!”

    Joel Segalman, DPM, FACFAS, FACFAOM - Podiatry
  • “Glenwood has great software, support and service. I am comfortable recommending their medical practice solutions.”

    Rajshekar Narasimaiah, M.D. – Internal Medicine